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Ambitious Project

Why do I do this to myself? Rather than putting up a 5 page design as required for my final, I decide to instead do a visual overhaul of Deived.com. I’ll be taking a few of the main areas of my domain and redesigning the pages as well as making a new portfolio for my design stuff. One of the designs will be as a WordPress template that will be used for this very blog. Can I do all of this with a week left? I guess we’ll have to see home much I can get done.

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Fall Semester Begins!

I only have a few classes left. It’s been taking a while since there are only 2 semesters each year and I’m only able to take about 2 – 3 classes at a time.
This semester I’ll be taking Object Oriented Programming with Java and Intermediate Web Design. I’m real excited about the web design class. I know how to work with CSS and get everything to fit, but I have a hard time coming up with my own designs. We’ll see what I’m able to come up with this semester. Should be fun.

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2nd Saturday Art Walk

I was finally able to hand out a few cards at this weekend’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk here in downtown Sacramento. I got some pretty good feedback on the design. I hope to get some calls from some of the artists. I’d love to design a nice portfolio site using their own design in the layout. I already have a few that have some nice work that would be cool to make part of their portfolio. It would be even better if one could draw out their own design that I might be able to scan to do something really nice. Crossing fingers :)
In the meantime, I really need to come up with a nice design for this blog page so it’s not so blah.

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My Business Card

I spent about a week on my business card and I think it looks pretty good. I wanted something that I was going to be handing out during the next 2nd Saturday Art Walk downtown. There are a lot of artists there that could use a portfolio, so I wanted to make sure I had something that was a little more than the standard business card.

I wanted to include something in the card that you would see on the web without just using some simple graphic or icon. While I was browsing around for inspiration I saw a few word clouds on different sites and blogs. I thought a word cloud would be a good way to go that would show some of the skills or languages that I can work with, while presenting something that’s might be more appealing than a simple list of skills. After spending some time in illustrator to come up with something, I found a word cloud generator site (Wordle.net) that I used to make it. I’m pretty happy with it and looking forward to comments I might get while handing them out.

Business Card

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