My Business Card

I spent about a week on my business card and I think it looks pretty good. I wanted something that I was going to be handing out during the next 2nd Saturday Art Walk downtown. There are a lot of artists there that could use a portfolio, so I wanted to make sure I had something that was a little more than the standard business card.

I wanted to include something in the card that you would see on the web without just using some simple graphic or icon. While I was browsing around for inspiration I saw a few word clouds on different sites and blogs. I thought a word cloud would be a good way to go that would show some of the skills or languages that I can work with, while presenting something that’s might be more appealing than a simple list of skills. After spending some time in illustrator to come up with something, I found a word cloud generator site ( that I used to make it. I’m pretty happy with it and looking forward to comments I might get while handing them out.

Business Card

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