Ambitious Project

Why do I do this to myself? Rather than putting up a 5 page design as required for my final, I decide to instead do a visual overhaul of I’ll be taking a few of the main areas of my domain and redesigning the pages as well as making a new portfolio for my [...]

Fall Semester Begins!

I only have a few classes left. It’s been taking a while since there are only 2 semesters each year and I’m only able to take about 2 – 3 classes at a time. This semester I’ll be taking Object Oriented Programming with Java and Intermediate Web Design. I’m real excited about the web design [...]

2nd Saturday Art Walk

I was finally able to hand out a few cards at this weekend’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk here in downtown Sacramento. I got some pretty good feedback on the design. I hope to get some calls from some of the artists. I’d love to design a nice portfolio site using their own design in the [...]

My Business Card

I spent about a week on my business card and I think it looks pretty good. I wanted something that I was going to be handing out during the next 2nd Saturday Art Walk downtown. There are a lot of artists there that could use a portfolio, so I wanted to make sure I had [...]